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Review: Blush For Me - Kristen Proby

Blush for Me (Fusion, #3)

Review: Blush For Me - Book #3 Fusion Novel - Kristen Proby - March 2017

This author is one who I have most of her books that she has written and one of those authors that I keep meaning to read. I have to admit; I was like once I had finished Blush For Me - what took me so long? As I loved Kristen Proby's writing. It had just the right touch of romantic comedy but romance and even better the lead female character Kat was smart as she is a member of Mensa and her parents are Rocket Scientists. The other thing I loved was that Kat was a reader. Kat and her friends own a bar called Seduction and using each of their strengths have a job of their own. For Kat, since she loves helping people and wine of course - she is in charge of bartending. It has been awhile since Kat has been laid and heading to Napa Valley for a conference she decides to make it her sexcation. What she didn't expect was to sit next to a hot guy and completely freak out next to him on the plane ride there and for him to turn up at the conference. One thing leads to another and Kat and Airplane guy spend the week having the best sex ever. Turns out though that neither can forget one another and Mac wants more. Will Mac be able to win Kat over as she is a romantic at heart? Though will their relationship be short-lived as Mac's dad is involved with some bad guys who will put two to two together and end up involving Kat in the problem? Find out in this awesome read "Blush For Me" by Kristen Proby. A fun read that had everything from romance, comedy, and action and also heart-stopping moments. I am now looking forward to going back through my Kindle/Ipad and reading her other books. 

Cover Reveal of Dead & Buried by Jennifer Rebecca!

Today we have the cover reveal for Dead & Buried by Jennifer Rebecca! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today:

Dead &Buried
Author: Jennifer Rebecca
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: July 17th
Cover model: BT Urruela
Image by Kruse Images and Photography
Cover by Alyssa Garcia at Uplifting Designs.

About Dead & Buried:
You ever hear the phrase, about as successful as a soup sandwich? Well, that's me, I’m the soup sandwich, but instead of a soggy mess, you have a twenty five year old with a Bachelor’s degree in nothing useful who just quit her job at the local home improvement store where there were definitely no tortured billionaires looking to tie anyone up--and that's not a bad thing. I know, it's looking pretty sad right about now, but at least I don't still live with my parents…   So, here I am, embarking on a new journey covering the Funerals and Obituaries section of the local paper, the San Diego Metro News, for the editor--brace yourself--my uncle, Sal. Unfortunately, while my parents are on vacation, my Granny and her friends are determined to stir up some trouble--but this time, they may have bitten off more than they can chew--especially when some of the residents of the local retirement community are turning up unnaturally dead.   There is nothing that will keep me from protecting the people that I love, no matter how crazy they may be--not even the sexy, I mean stubborn, homicide detective, Trent Foyle, can stop me.   My name is Shelby Whitmore and I'm kind of the newest reporter for the San Diego Metro News, but hey, I'm a hit with the blue hairs.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Yes, I need an ambulance at 143 Sunnyvale Road, Unit B. Yes, I’ll stay on the line.” Hey, that’s my address. I hope now one’s hurt. I open my eye and realize two things. 1) I’m lying flat on my back on the kitchen floor and 2) there is a strange man standing over me staring down with a scowl on his scary, yet handsome face. Upon, closer inspection, I realize I am naked and there is a strange man standing over me. What the ever fuck is happening here?! “She’s come to,” the stranger says. “Ma’am, you had an accident, I’m…” But he doesn’t get to finish because I jump up screaming. “A phone pervert! A phone pervert is in my house!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH……” I scream and resume my naked alien running. I run to my adorable cooking utensil cup and grab the first thing I can get my hands on, which just so happens to be a metal pair of tongs. I lunge at the Phone Pervert in my very best impression of a master swordsman, En garde! Clapping away like a deranged lobster. “You! Out of my house, Phone Pervert.” Clap clap. Clap clap clap. “I told you I already have a pervert,” Clap clap. I attack again. Clap clap. “And I told you I would call the police!” Strong arms firmly wrap around me from behind and I jump but they only lock tight around me. “Lady, I am the police. Now put your claws away and grab a robe before I have to take you in.” I let out an Eeep! when I realize that I am naked. My Phone Pervert turned police officer looks over my shoulder and says to the anaconda arms holding me, “Really, Trent, this looney tune is your girl?” “Hey, I’m not a looney tune,” I pout. “I’m just having a really bad day,” I mumble. The thought of going to jail naked has brought back all the stress of my shit day. “What can I say, she’s never boring and Nana loves her,” I feel Trent shrug behind me. “Can you imagine your kids being anything but terrors with her and Marla’s genes combined?” He laughs. “I can’t wait to see it.” “Hey,” I mumble halfheartedly. “But they’ll be entertaining. And beautiful,” Trent adds. “Beautiful for sure, crazy as fuck for certain,” he laughs, “Although standing here now, I definitely see her appeal. You ever decide you’re done with this asshole, you give me a call okay, sugar?” The stranger asks me on a chuckle. A growl rumbles out from behind me and a warm, calloused palm slides up to cover my breast. Another one moves south but I slap it away. “But I don’t even know your name,” I mumble looking down distractedly at the large, tan hand on my boobie. Another growl, this time more menacing rumbles up as the stranger laughs again. Apparently, my life is hilarious. “Detective Kane Green at your service ma’am,” he leans forward and tips his imaginary hat. “Like the hockey player?” I ask, but I hear a groan from behind. “One and the same, but now I’m retired,” he winks. “The old shoulder couldn’t do it anymore so I decided to follow in my dad’s footsteps and joined the local PD.” “I think that’s just amazing,” I breathe. “I’m a big fan,” I blush. And when I say blush, I mean I blush EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE knows it because I’m FREAKING NAKED! “He was just leaving,” Trent barks from behind me. Detective Green laughs and heads for the door. “It was lovely meeting you, Shelby,” he winks and heads off into the night. Kane Green and his shaggy, light brown hair and cold blue eyes are undoubtedly gorgeous, but absolutely nothing compared to the coal black hair and green Irish eyes of one Detective Trenton Foyle. I am so screwed.

About the Author:

Jennifer is a thirty something lover of words, all words: the written, the spoken, the sung (even poorly), the sweet, the funny, and even the four letter variety. She is a native of San Diego, California where she grew up reading the Brownings and Rebecca with her mother and Clifford and the Dog who Glowed in the Dark with her dad, much to her mother’s dismay.   Jennifer is a graduate of California State University San Marcos where she studied Criminology and Justice Studies. She is also an Alpha Xi Delta.   10 years ago, she was swept off her feet by her very own sailor. Today, they are happily married and the parents of a 8 year old and 6 year old twins. She can often be found in East Texas on the soccer fields, drawing with her children, or reading. Jennifer is convinced that if she puts her fitbit on one of the dogs, she might finally make her step goals. She loves a great romance, an alpha hero, and lots and lots of laughter.

Twitter: @JenniRLreads
Instagram: @JenniRLreads
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VBT# Seeds of Eden - A.P Watson

Seeds of Eden

Review: Seeds of Eden - Book #1 The Concilium Series - A.P Watson - November 2016

You know how some books you just pick up because it has an awesome cover? That was Seeds of Eden by A.P Watson for me. I love this cover so much. In saying that I had no idea really what the book would be about. From the first page, I was immediately captivated as the language was amazing and the writing style immediately draws you in with the author's creative words and vivid descriptions. We learn that the main character Evely is having a nightmare and it is one that has been recurring ever since she was a little girl. There is also the same guy in her dreams. What will happen though when she walks into her Senior Year and see the guy from her dreams standing right in front of her and then sitting next to her in History class? They are currently learning about the Spanish Inquisition and there is something strikingly familiar about Isabella to Evely. One thing leads to another, and now her nightmares are becoming daymares and more vivid and she is experiencing other scenes too. What is happening to her and is she going crazy? It turns out that Evely has been reincarnated over the years and is in fact Eve from the biblical stories and the Garden of Eden and the man she dreams of is a man she had an affair with -his name is Conrad. We later learn that she is in hiding from Aden aka Adam as once they loved each other but after the bite of the apple he turned evil and over the years more power hungry and now wants Evely all to his self and will have his minions kill everyone in the way of his final goal. Can Evely with the help of Conrad and her best friend Caroline make their way to the Concilium and get help before Aden aka Adam destroys everyone once and for all?
Find out in Book #1 Seeds of Eden by A.P Watson. An action-fuelled book with an awesome cover.

VBT# My Not So Normal Life - Liz Laz

One of my favorite things to read about and I don't mind that it was a teen novel as they can be relaxing and more exciting is Teen Spies and Adventure novels. This book started off with meeting Lily Ann Germoski who has a family that often forgets about her as her parents are pre-occupied with their own lives and she has a best friend who can be a bit of a bully called Becky. She also has a scar which was a result of a bullying incident at Camp Pinewood. This summer Lily is determined to have fun with her friend Becky and not be sent to a Summer Camp. Therefore she has been intercepting the mail until one for a new Spy Camp ends up in her parents' inbox, and they sign her up. Lily attends and can't believe her eyes as it turns out that this is an actual spy training camp for a secret CIA program called T.O aka Teen Operatives. Lily doesn't believe she fits in but turns out she is a good all-rounder, and her confidence starts to grow over the course of the camp. Then come home time, and Lily has been chosen to be part of a Teen Operative team in which her favorite agents The Silmens are in charge of. What will happen though as she has to start lying to the ones she cares about and then tragedy happens and Lily starts to lose the ones she has come to care for? Can Lily balance life as a normal tween and a spy? My Not So Normal Life was a fun read, the only downside for me was it finished too quickly, and there isn't anymore in the series so far to continue with. If you love spy stories, then check out My Not So Normal Life by Liz Laz today. 


Review: Greener - Erin Lee

Greener: Escape From Reality Series, Book 3

Review: Greener - Book #3 Escape from Reality Series - Erin Lee - July 2017

One of the seven deadly sins is Envy, and we all have at one time, or another suffered from that green-eyed monster called Jealousy. We have also looked at people and thought I wish I had what they had as their grass looks greener and much better than my life. Of course, though we can never know what goes on behind closed doors. This book focuses on three people from different walks of life who meet in one particular place. The Escape Memorial Hospital on the fourth floor where the Mental Health ward is. The first person we meet is Caroline who has been in the ward since she was thirteen and is now in her mid-late twenties and can be rehabilitated into society. She is envious of her psychologist Nora's life and has a vision of Nora's perfect life in her head. The thing though is that Nora who is the second person we meet is not perfect at all and is good at hiding behind her psychologist professional facade as she lives in the ward. She has made the Janitor's closet her makeshift bedroom and is afraid to leave the hospital. The third is Dennis who works at the hospital as a Janitor. He is handsome, friendly and gay. Though nobody knows it and he also hasn't been back home in years as his father didn't accept him for who he was. He came to Escape to well escape from his life back home. His secret is that he isn't a bad driver, but everyone thinks he is as he keeps damaging his car. The truth is that he has a major crush on the mechanic who btw is straight- Deacon.   Greener was a different book than I was expecting as I am a big fan of Erin Lee and enjoy her edginess and her way of touching mental health and looking at different psychological issues.


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